June, 2010

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MKC cooks up another 400whp Corn-Fed Evo

craig-dekat-2007-evo-9-se-vibrant-3-5-fmic-mkc-piping-kelford-272s-id-1000-11Craig brought us his beautiful 2006 Evo 9 SE to up the power on pump gas and also have an E85 tune as well.  After some discussion on the power he was looking for along with a clutch to hold the power, we decided on a new Vibrant 3.5" FMIC and MKC 2.5" Custom Aluminum  Piping setup to compliment the 3" Turbo Back Exhaust the car already came in with. 

craig-dekat-2007-evo-9-se-vibrant-3-5-fmic-mkc-piping-kelford-272s-id-1000-10 The factory air box was not able to be retained with the new 2.5" Intercooler Piping, so the factory intake tube was retained, and a MAF adapter and cone filter were added to clear the piping.  For fueling needs we added the standard Walbro 255 HP Fuel Pump kit and the tried and true ID 1000 injectors that we use in all of our builds here at MKC.  Along with these parts, we also added some Kelford 272 MIVEC cams which compared to other Evo 9's that I've done on E85 and 3opsi on stock cams; this mod was good for 10 -15whp and wtq over the stock cams throughout the RPM range.

craig-d-2007-evo-9-vibrant3-5-fmic-mkc-piping-kelford-272s-id1000-e85Once on the dyno this car tuned out very easy on both pump gas and E85, most of the time was spent dialing in the MIVEC table for the Kelford 272 cams.  Here are the dyno results of the pumpgas tune on 23psi and E85 tune on 30psi.

If you would like to check out the all the pictures and build sheet please click here

700 plus WHP Honda on E85

justin-c-1997-honda-civic-b18c-81mm-topmount-gt35r-dual-walbro-id2000-hondata-s300-2I had the luxury of tuning an exceptionally well built 1997 Honda Civic hatch back this past weekend.  Justin came to us earlier this year for an E85 tune on the ID2000 injectors, but from the outset of that session we were doing quite a bit of troubleshooting as the car came in with a code 9 CEL.  After some discussion of whether to switch to another ecu or tuning solution, Justin took the car back home to talk with HonData about the issue with either the S300 unit or the ECU itself giving us a halt to tuning.

justin-c-gt35r-id2000-civic-700-whpOnce on the dyno this weekend we had zero issues whatsoever, besides NOT making power. With a quick sync of the ignition timing it was on to tuning, at 15psi is cracked off over 460whp.  Next we upped the boost to 20psi and it made over 530whp, and at 25psi it was north of 610whp.  After some cool down we turned the boost up some more as the injectors were barely being used, and fuel flow/pressure was fine from the FullBlown Dual Walbro fuel setup; So at 30psi it was just under 700whp, but at 33psi we made 715whp. 

If you would like to check out the all the pictures and build sheet please click here

ProEFI Mitsubishi EVO8 and EVO9 June sale only!!!!

ProEFI is offering for a limited time only the EVO8 and EVO9 plug and play kit in two packages at 30% off list price for the month of June!

  • Package 1 - Pro128 ECU and adapter harness - $1750 Retail value - $2699.99
  • Package 2 - Pro128 ECU, adapter harness, 5 or 7 bar map sensor, and Wideband kit - $2000 Retail value - $3024

Comms cable when purchased with either kit - $225

ProEFI offers both the Pro48 and the Pro128 plug and play units for the Mitsubishi 1st, and 2nd Gen 4cyl turbo cars, as well as the EVO8 and 9. The listings with the ** are only available with the Pro128 ECU.

  • Ignition timing
  • I-Boost Control (5 stages of boost curves that can be selected to be targeted against Vehicle Speed, Time, or Flex Fuel input)
  • Flex Fuel (ability to run any mixture of E85 with the ECU making on the fly adjustments to boost, spark, and fueling based on Ethanol content).
  • Anti-lag Boost control - 5 different target boost levels
  • Two Step Launch Control - 5 different target RPMs
  • Hi/Low Octane switch - Allows the user to easily change the calibration to run pump gas and race gas settings
  • Nitrous Control - up to 4 stages
  • Control multiple fuel pumps in stages for easier fuel pressure control at lower flow demand
  • Automatic Transmission control with converter slip calculations to help with converter selection and seamless converter lock up engagement.**
  • Manual transmission Gear position indicators and clutch slip calculations**
  • 2 channel Knock control with knock windows and true knock frequency filtering**
  • Variable CAM control
  • Fuel Pressure Feedback and fault control to monitor proper fuel delivery to prevent engine damage due to fuel system failure
  • Oil Pressure monitoring to alert when low oil pressure conditions occur
  • Radiator Pressure monitoring to warn for excessive coolant pressure in case of a weak head to cylinder block seal, or cracked cylinder.
  • Traction Control**
  • Closed Loop O2 Feedback with Internal Wideband O2 sensors**
  • Multiple Fault Management strategies to save the engine and alert the driver in case of sensor failure or tuning errors
  • CAN Display connectivity - 52mm Can Gauge, and 4.5 x 4.5" CAN display.
  • Meth injection - ability to control methanol injection and tune appropriately for it