January, 2015

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Justin S.’s 2011 STi build

This 2011 Sti came to us on it's 2nd warranty motor, that had an issue. They decided they didn't want to go through the pitfall's of an OEM piston failure again, & decided on the Rallispec standard street short block. Modified by KC performed the cylinder head service work, & assembled the long block assembly, ridding itself of all emissions items, as well TGV deletes from IAG Performance, & fuel rails to match for the ID1000 upgrade, & a DeatschWerks 65c pump feeding them. Along with the motor & fuel upgrades came the Blouch 1.5XT-R, GrimmSpeed EWG up-pipe with TurboSmart 45mm. Produced 375awhp & 375awtq on 91 octane pump gas. It will return this spring to get it's corn tune.


Poncho Racing & Team Rotary de Kansas City in action at World Cup Finals Imports vs. Domestics 2014

Team Rotary de Kansas City was represented well in Maryland for the World Cup Finals Imports vs. Domestics 2014 by Poncho Racing. We changed quite a bit just before leaving for the event. Went to the Borg Warner 91mm turbo, & new AMS2000 boost controller. Got some great data for the new setup, but in the end had some issues with an older motor. We'll be back for the 2015 season with a fresh motor build for this little RX2 monster. Stay tuned.

WCF 2014 Round 1 qualifying Super Street FWD Modified by KC Civic goes 9.02 @ 173mph

Modified by KC made it to World Cup Finals Imports vs. Domestics 2014 in November for it's first time. We made it out there without having the proof that we were even strong enough to get to the game. We knew that the car was ready. Off the trailer for Test 'N Tune, the MKC Super Street FWD Civic went 9.37 @ 170mph. Eyebrow's rose, heads started to turn in our direction, as the competition knew that these boys from Kansas brought their "A" game.