About MKC

We are the premier tuning facility of the Midwest. We have over 100 combined years of experience within the automotive industry under our roof. From regular maintenance & service work to a full fabricated race car, we’ve got your automotive needs covered here.

We currently have the only AWD dyno in the Kansas City Metro and surrounding areas. We can test any AWD vehicle as well as any FWD/RWD with a minimum wheelbase of 80″ and a maximum wheelbase of 130″. We can monitor the following items on the dyno: Wideband Air Fuel Ratio, Boost Pressure. We have 4 more available analogue inputs if you would like to monitor additional items like oil pressure, fuel pressure, exhaust back pressure, etc.

We are also a full fabrication facility that can completely transform your street machine into a race project.

From simple catch cans to custom full cages… Modified by KC can handle your performance dreams.