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Forced Performance Super94 on a 2.3L Evo at Modified by KC

Jason Crooks did a magnificent build on this Evo. His attention to detail is of the utmost quality.

This has been one fun project. This car came back from the DSM/Evo Shootout 2014 in August with a head gasket blown in Ohio. Didn't bother with it there, and just waited to deal with it when it got home. Needless to say, it ended up getting an MKC CNC ported head, balance & blueprinted the short block assembly with Manley Turbo-Tuff I-beams, and Wiseco 9.5:1 E85 pistons. Forced Performance Super94 mated to the long block via JMF manifold.

This 2.3L is cranking out nearly 740 all-wheel torque!!! Watch for this street monster.


Aeromotive 340lph HP Fuel Pump Test: E85 & 500+ WHP EVO 8

So with many people having issues getting over mid 400 on these cars on E85 with just a basic 255lph setup.

We decided to try out some alternatives. We have done plenty of setups with inline Bosch 044 pumps as well as double pumpers but wanted to see what could really be done with a single in-tank pump (we will be trying more such as the DW pump and the new walbro when it is released).

The car we are using is a 2004 Evo with the following mod list:

  • Stock 2.0L motor
  • Kelford 272 cams
  • Kiggly HLA
  • Kiggly spring and retainer set
  • AMS intake manifold
  • Full-Race exhaust manifold
  • Ported FP Red 80mm Housing
  • FP o2 Housing
  • full Buschur 3" exhaust
  • Turbo xs downpipe
  • ID1000 Injectors
  • Aeromotive 340 HP Fuel Pump
  • Vibrant intercooler
  • MKC built intercooler pipes
  • Tial 50mm Bov
  • ProEFI 5 bar map sensor
  • MKC 3 port boost control setup

MOD's Added During Testing:

  • Fuel pump 14V re-wire
  • Aeromotive fuel rail
  • Magnafuel FPR

First we wanted to see how far we could push this new pump given the setup above before it would start to go dangerously lean and we would have to back off, also keeping peak torque down around 400 to 420 wheel torque as a maximum as this is still on the stock block and a daily driven car.  Here you can see in the upper RPM's the AFR's start to go dangerously lean into the mid 13's.  This is at 26psi @ peak torque and 30 to 31 pounds of boost by redline.  Evoscan was showing 114% injector duty cycle at redline and 98% by 6500 rpm.

After this we proceeded to do a 14V rewire to the fuel pump which gave us back around 1.0 AFR point at redline, but still left the AFR's in the mid 12's at redline.  Everything in the map was left the same for timing, fuel, and boost.  Evoscan was showing 114% injector duty cycle at redline and 98% by 6500 rpm.

Our last addition to try and get more flow from this setup and keep the AFR's safe, is we installed an Aeromotive Fuel Rail and Magnafuel Fuel Pressure Regulator.  The idea here was to see if we could up the base fuel pressure enough to give us the needed fuel at redline and bring the AFR's back to a flat 12.0 at the current boost level.  We first tested at 60psi base, then 55psi, and finally 50psi.  Again, everything in the map was left the same for timing, fuel, and boost.  Evoscan was showing 114% injector duty cycle at redline and 98% by 6500 rpm.

Even with the added fuel pressure, the Aeromotive 340lph fuel pump can't keep up similar to an un-modified walbro 255lph HP unit. Personally I was hoping that it would be able to sustain and hold good AFR's on E85 up to 525whp or 550whp on our Dynojet dyno. Next we will be testing the walbro fuel pumps when they are available this summer. Here are the final numbers for the car with a safe AFR at redline. This was at 25 to 26 psi again at peak torque and 29psi at redline.