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Poncho Racing & Team Rotary de Kansas City in action at World Cup Finals Imports vs. Domestics 2014

Team Rotary de Kansas City was represented well in Maryland for the World Cup Finals Imports vs. Domestics 2014 by Poncho Racing. We changed quite a bit just before leaving for the event. Went to the Borg Warner 91mm turbo, & new AMS2000 boost controller. Got some great data for the new setup, but in the end had some issues with an older motor. We'll be back for the 2015 season with a fresh motor build for this little RX2 monster. Stay tuned.

WCF 2014 Round 1 qualifying Super Street FWD Modified by KC Civic goes 9.02 @ 173mph

Modified by KC made it to World Cup Finals Imports vs. Domestics 2014 in November for it's first time. We made it out there without having the proof that we were even strong enough to get to the game. We knew that the car was ready. Off the trailer for Test 'N Tune, the MKC Super Street FWD Civic went 9.37 @ 170mph. Eyebrow's rose, heads started to turn in our direction, as the competition knew that these boys from Kansas brought their "A" game.

MKC SFWD Civic Goes 8’s @ World Cup Finals Imports vs. Domestics 2014

It was a long road for Modified by KC this year on the drag racing circuit. Started out the year with some new goals, & new idea's for the car. Set those idea's on paper, & soon to the fabrication table. Thanks to Sheepey Built, we were able to get the manifold & intercooler setup to set the foundation for the rest of the build process. Once the BorgWarner 72mm turbo from Full-Race was set in place via the Sheepey Built manifold, we were able to fabricate the 4" exhaust & dump tube to exit the hood for more downforce on the front end going down the track.

Got the intercooler setup on the weight bars, which almost seemed to be built for the car. Fabricated the intercooler piping with Vibrant's Vanjen clamp assemblies. Started the project with a GM LS3 DBW throttle body, being controlled via ProEFI. Quickly realized that the DBW throttle body did NOT like anything over 40psi of boost pressure. Went back to the MoTec M800 (the only way to go), along with the cable throttle body, & new motor. Found we were in real business with this setup!

Modified by KC was able to make it to some "Test 'N Tune" events at Heartland Park Topeka, & was able to get some great data out of the car. Ran a 9.37 @ 165mph, & backed it up with a 9.66 @ 165mph. This gave us the confidence and passes that we needed to know that we had what it takes to run with the "big dogs".

Modified by KC made their debut appearance at World Cup Finals Imports vs. Domestics 2014 and represented Kansas City well. Right off the trailer at "Test 'N Tune" the Super-Street FWD Civic ran a 9.37 @ 167mph. First Round Qualifying ran 9.02 @ 170mph, sat in 17th place. 2nd Round Qualifying tripped lights when popped out of gear, fell to 19th place. 3rd Round Qualifying ran 8.84 @ 175mph! We got our first 8 second pass!

Follow Modified by KC in 2015!!!

MKC SFWD Civic getting some new pipes

MKC SFWD Civic gets tipsy

MKC SFWD Civic gets tipsy