Evo X GSR + Minimal Mods = Great Power

This 2010 Evo X GSR turned out very well for such little modifications done to it overall.  With just changing out the factory cat back exhaust with the Perrin Performance Stealth Dual Exhaust System and also removing the factory catalytic converter in exchange for a Ultimate Racing 3″ test pipe for post turbo modifications; The only other physical changes to the factory parts was a Works Drop-In Panel Filter and a Perrin Performance Turbo Inlet Tube.

The car’s stock ecu was tuned with the Cobb Accessport and the boost pill was removed from factory boost control system while still utilizing the dual factory solenoids.  With a final tune of 25psi we were able to net a total of 334whp and 330wtq.

If you would like to check out all the pictures of this car, please click here.

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