MKC cooks up another 400whp Corn-Fed Evo

craig-dekat-2007-evo-9-se-vibrant-3-5-fmic-mkc-piping-kelford-272s-id-1000-11Craig brought us his beautiful 2006 Evo 9 SE to up the power on pump gas and also have an E85 tune as well.  After some discussion on the power he was looking for along with a clutch to hold the power, we decided on a new Vibrant 3.5″ FMIC and MKC 2.5″ Custom Aluminum  Piping setup to compliment the 3″ Turbo Back Exhaust the car already came in with. 

craig-dekat-2007-evo-9-se-vibrant-3-5-fmic-mkc-piping-kelford-272s-id-1000-10 The factory air box was not able to be retained with the new 2.5″ Intercooler Piping, so the factory intake tube was retained, and a MAF adapter and cone filter were added to clear the piping.  For fueling needs we added the standard Walbro 255 HP Fuel Pump kit and the tried and true ID 1000 injectors that we use in all of our builds here at MKC.  Along with these parts, we also added some Kelford 272 MIVEC cams which compared to other Evo 9’s that I’ve done on E85 and 3opsi on stock cams; this mod was good for 10 -15whp and wtq over the stock cams throughout the RPM range.

craig-d-2007-evo-9-vibrant3-5-fmic-mkc-piping-kelford-272s-id1000-e85Once on the dyno this car tuned out very easy on both pump gas and E85, most of the time was spent dialing in the MIVEC table for the Kelford 272 cams.  Here are the dyno results of the pumpgas tune on 23psi and E85 tune on 30psi.

If you would like to check out the all the pictures and build sheet please click here

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