Andrew R. – Subaru WRX Sidefeed TGV Delete Porting

We ran into a bit of a hang up when we went to install the T1 fuel rails on the TGV deletes that Andrew already had from Grimspeed, but they were from a top-feed WRX setup.  Because of this the T1 fuel rails did not line up ever so slightly plus the pitch angle of the injectors along with the height would have been way off. 

So we called around first to Grimspeed to find out how far out they were on another set of side-feed ported TGV deletes; more bad news as they are out over 2 weeks.  Talked to Tony at T1 Race Development and at this time they don’t have anything for top-feed TGV’s.  So we were on the look out for some side-feed TGV’s as Andrew used his original units as the core exchange with Grimspeed. 

Luckily we had an extra set in the shop and Scott went to removing the TGV butterflies along with  welding up the holes the shafts leave.  After this he went to porting and honing them for a very nice consistent and transient flow into the cylinder head.

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