Andrew R. – WRX Grimspeed IM/T1 Fuel Rails/ID1000 Injectors

These are another upgrade we are doing for Andrew along with the STi drive-train swap. This is a brand new Grimspeed Intake Manifold with a beautiful black powder coated finish. This piece is truly a work of art and a very nice addition to this build. Along with the intake manifold upgrade, Andrew was looking to switch over to E85, as we have been putting the bug in his ear for the past year or so with so many E85 tuned cars in and out of the shop. The plan was always to switch out the RC 750cc Injectors in favor of the Injector Dynamics 1000cc High Impedance injectors, as they will allow much more room as the modifications progress.   

These injectors are a direct fit with a top feed fuel system and they do not require the need for a bulky and cumbersome injector driver box to be wired into the car. For fuel rails we chose the brand new just released T1 Side Feed fuel rails over others on the market as we were able to keep more dollars in the customers pocket and still get as good of quality or better than the competition.  The reason for the fuel rail swap was that Andrew was already complaining of the dreaded early model WRX fuel smell from the engine compartment while driving, and the fact future modifications are in the works.

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